Everybody wants to have a nice-looking pair of legs; we don’t want to feel like we have to hide our legs under long pants. Unfortunately, beautiful legs don’t happen by themselves;  the truth is that for most us, it take some work to give our legs that “toned” look. The good news is that there are numerous ways to help our legs stay healthy, shapely, and pleasing to the eye.

Don’t worry; this is not going to be a trip down vanity lane! The bottom line is that our legs are very important and should not be neglected. They have to carry and support us every day for our entire life. So, naturally they deserve some of our attention and we should care about their wellbeing.

And the Trick to Healthy Legs Is…

You guessed right—wear compression stockings, or support hose, whenever you can (except when you are sleeping or laying down). This helps to boost circulation in your legs, especially to help your veins not have to work so hard transporting the blood back to your heart. In addition, wearing support hosiery with graduated compression can help prevent or reduce any swelling, spider veins or varicose veins in your legs. Today’s fashionable compression and support hose are nearly indistinguishable from traditional fashion hosiery and can be worn for all occasions, from a professional workplace to a night on the town.

Compression stocking and socks available today are very comfortable, as well. After you begin wearing them, you’ll discover how much more energized and pain free your legs are. With the side benefit of keeping your legs beautiful…how can you say no to compression stockings?

If your legs do not look and/or feel as good as possible or you are not sure what types of compression stocking is best for you, please call Coastal Vascular Center at 805-484-6900 or email and schedule your complimentary consultation

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